With Casa dell'Arte's innovative investments, Torba will become one of the most important art destinations in the world.

We have founded Casa dell'Arte Hotel to showcase Turkish modern and contemporary art, form new friendships and share our passion for art, food, the sea, the sun and Bodrum's natural beauties.

Within just three years, Casa dell'Arte Hotel, our family dream, has become one of the most prestigious boutique hotels in the world.

The number of people who would like to take part in the Casa dell'Arte dream is steadily growing each day. It is to this end that we have also founded GREENLIFE in Bodrum, Torba, to share the Casa dell'Arte experience with our friends.

Comfort, pleasure, art and other activities in a green environment…

Greenlife introduces you to a new way of life. This high class compound consists of 17 private villas with their own private pools and 12 apartments. As Casa dell'Arte Hotel, we want everything to be perfect. You can find everything that defines Bodrum and more in Greenlife… You will experience the beauty of art, the energy boost of an active life, the beach and the delicious taste of gourmet food.